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Sotos’s interest in music started at age 15, when he began playing the drums. Soon after, he was having private lessons with outstanding drummer Fotis Benardo for about three years. During these years Sotos played as a drummer in various bands; with them he recorded 2 albums and played at shows in Greece, supporting artists from England and the U.S.

At 18, Sotos began his studies in Music Production & Audio Engineering at the music school IEK AKMI in Athens, Greece. Intrigued by the world of production he worked on many projects, mixing and producing music, until the age of 21 when he successfully completed his Bachelor degree with honours.

Immediately after, Sotos was accepted at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands(HKU). There he focused more on music composition, finishing his Masters Degree in Music mid 2012.

While doing his Masters Degree in early 2011, Sotos started playing the guitar. For the first year he focused on the electric guitar, but the following year found himself getting more and more interested in percussive & fingerstyle acoustic guitar. His newfound love for this style of guitar grew during his lessons with world famous acoustic guitarists Mike Dawes in 2013 and with Erik Mongrain later in 2014-2015.

26 year old Sotos was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Since 2010 he has been based in Hilversum, Netherlands, where he works from his home studio.


Since mid 2015 Sotos is playing a custom Jumbo Pellerin guitar,made by Michel Pellerin in Canada. (

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Music Technology & Sound Engineering, Bachelor Degree, AKMI Sound Engineering college, Athens – Greece, 2007-2010.

Music CompositionMaster Degree,Utrecht School of the Arts(HKU), Utrecht-Netherlands, 2010-2012.


*Awards and Scholarships:

Scholarship for the 2ndXtreme Drum Camp in Athens, Greece, 2007.

Semi Finalist in UK Songwriting Contest with his song ‘Jericho’, 2012.

Honourable Mention in Mid Atlantic Song Contest with his song ‘Dreaming My Escape’ in Washington, United States, 2012.

Suggested artist in Song of the Year international contest with his song ‘Jericho’, 2013.

Semi Finalist in Song of the Year international contest with his song ‘Dreaming My Escape’, 2013.


* Sotos has collaborated as composer, drummer, guitarist, recording/mixing & mastering engineer with many great artists from the Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and more.


Sotos Bakas

Music & Media








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Composition in a variety of styles such as finger style & percussive acoustic guitar, ambient, cinematic, rock, funk and many more; for any project in need of musical accompaniment, such as songs, films, advertisements etc.


Professional mixing-mastering at my home studio in Hilversum, Netherlands; for any project where the music needs mixing-mastering, such as albums, songs, films, advertisements, etc.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons with Sotos via Skype internationally or in person in Hilversum, Netherlands. Sotos’s main focus is on percussive and fingerstyle acoustic guitar style and techniques, alternate tunings and composition with guitar.

However the and lessons can be adjusted to suit your individual needs; so if there is anything else you need my help with regarding your guitar playing, just ask.

Session Studio Drummer

Composition and/or recording of the drums in a variety of styles for any music project that needs drums.
Sotos can collaborate with studios in the Netherlands for top quality recording of drums.

Alternatively, using midi drums and ‘Superior Drummer app’ in his home studio, he is able to create drum tracks that sound identical to if they had been made using a real drum kit.

For samples of my compositions,mixing,guitar playing and drumming please go to Music & Media.
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